All our sausages and burgers are made in the traditional way, by hand, on the premises, with the finest ingredients.  Lots of choice in flavours!

A large selection of local game birds and venison available in season.

Flavoured meats are one of our specialities, not just for the barbecue but for the oven or grill.  Huge selection of 30 minutes meals freshly prepared by our team of kitchen technicians.  Come and see for yourself.

Our beef is the best local beef you can buy, reared naturally outside in a stress-free environment.  They grow slowly but surely this way to produce tender juicy meat, that is full of flavour.

Outdoor reared pigs “Happy Pigs!” from local producers, including Blythburgh free-range pork, full of flavour and tenderness.

Our lambs are from local flocks in the Norfolk and Suffolk area.  Reared and fed in the traditional way.

Fresh poultry from local farms, Duck Breasts, Turkey Steaks, Stuffed Chicken Crowns and much, much more.  Come see for yourself!

Keiths Butchers in Gorleston